Dispute in the lesbian and gay association: more lobby for lesbians

Constanze Korner had headed the Rainbow Center since 2013. Then she quit in protest at the Lesbian and Gay Association.

It’s not always all sunshine under the rainbow flag of the Lesbian and Gay Association Photo: Gregor Fischer/dpa/picture alliance

Constanze Korner looks back somewhat wistfully. "I was a very loyal team member for many years and I think I contributed a lot to bringing the topic of rainbow families to the top, not only for the Lesbian and Gay Association Berlin Brandenburg (LSVD BB), but also socio-politically," she says. Korner had worked there in the Rainbow Families project since 2005, played a key role in setting up the Rainbow Families Center in 2013 and has headed it ever since. But already in the course of the past year, she could identify less and less with the attitudes of the state association.


Tatort from nuremberg: reincarnation of a favorite

A new Tatort team: Paula Ringelhahn and Felix Voss are the two chief detectives. Irritations challenge the audience in the Franken-Tatort.

Tatort commissioners Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs) and Paula Ringelhahn (Dagmar Manzel) during interrogation. Image: BR/Olaf Tiedje

There he is again. Fabian Hinrichs. In 2012, he was Batics and Leitmayr’s assistant in Munich, Gisbert Engelhardt, in the "Tatort" film "The Deep Sleep," constantly serving up spiny ideas. The two commissioners didn’t like him, but the viewers liked him even more. His return was not possible, because Engelhardt had not survived the encounter with the perpetrator.


Prosecutor about anti-doping law: “a consistent silence”.

Sebastian Wubler is only allowed to investigate in case of concrete suspicion. Since January, only ten proceedings for self-doping are on his desk.

No suspicion without a test, no investigation without suspicion Photo: ap

site: Mr. Wubler, the new anti-doping law has been in force for a little over a year. Among other things, it makes self-doping a punishable offense and is intended to make athletes accountable for their actions. How satisfied are you with it so far?


Foundation takes action: bauhaus dismantles “temporarily

The Bauhaus Dessau’s cancellation of the punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet was harshly criticized. The foundation draws a first personnel consequence.

Admits mistakes: Bauhaus Photo: dpa

After criticism of the cancellation of the concert of the left-wing punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet, there are first personnel consequences at the Bauhaus Dessau. The foundation has released its press spokeswoman Helga Huskamp. This is initially a temporary decision, it was said on Friday in the foundation. Further details are currently not possible. Previously, the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung had reported.


Ruling on apartment terminations: bgh does not rule in favor of tenants

If a tenant pays off rent debts after termination, this affects the termination without notice. The BGH has ruled that the termination without notice remains valid.

If landlords give parallel notice of termination without notice and with notice because a tenant has defaulted, the tenant must get out Photo: dpa

The Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has overturned a tenant-friendly ruling by the Berlin Regional Court. If a tenant does pay his rent debts after being given notice, this only eliminates the termination without notice, the BGH said, while an ordinary notice of termination declared in parallel remains in effect.


Rugby world cup in yokohama: japan wins after the typhoon

Many matches were cancelled, but the host nation’s clash against Scotland took place despite the typhoon. Japan is in the quarterfinals for the first time.

Japan’s game: fast, superior, sacrificial Photo: dpa

At noon on Sunday in front of the International Stadium in Yokohama, it was not quite possible to see the consequences of typhoon "Hagabis". At least 23 people are said to have died throughout the country, but here Sunday morning greeted the residents with blue skies and sunshine.


Solidarity in times of crisis: what goes near, what stays far

The images of people singing from balconies in Italy are moving. But why did the singing people of Wuhan go unnoticed a few weeks ago?

In China, the situation was already very serious at the beginning of February, as here in Shanghai Photo: Aly Song/reuters

Germany closes the borders, and I have to laugh, somehow inappropriate. Like when it briefly overcomes you at the funeral and you laugh off, although the occasion demands seriousness. I have to laugh about closed German borders because they are nothing new. Germany has had closed borders for a long time – apart from the political ones.


Table tennis newcomer ttc neu-ulm: straight into the bundesliga

TTC Neu-Ulm is starting the Bundesliga season from scratch and as the smallest table tennis club in the state. A license award makes it possible.

Surprises also sometimes happen in table tennis Photo: unsplash/Conor Samuel

Germany’s smallest table tennis club was not lucky after all after four and a half hours. A 2:3 defeat went down in the annals of the club that had just been founded a few months ago. What made the defeat for TTC Neu-Ulm at ASV Grunwettersbach more bearable was that it took place right at the top, i.e. in the first Bundesliga. A novelty in the history of German sports.