Down under in bremen: in scharping’s wake

Bremen’s new lifeguard Carsten Sieling goes on vacation with the "Bild". The taz.bremen outdoes it: It lets its employees go bare.

In 2002, Rudolf Scharping (SPD) splashed around in the pool for "Die Bunte," Carsten Sieling (SPD) now does it for "Bild." Photo: dpa/ Screenshot: taz

In the Algarve: Lifestyle editor Jean Baeck


Commentary us trillion-dollar debt: finally unpacking the bazooka

In an emergency, the U.S. Federal Reserve is prepared to buy unlimited amounts of U.S. government bonds. The Americans are stunned that the Europeans have decided not to use this weapon.

The sum is gigantic: The U.S. has $15 trillion in debt. But this does not seem to bother anyone. Undeterred, investors shovel their money into America. For a ten-year government bond, the USA has to pay only 1.9 percent interest. That is not only little, but less than nothing. That’s because inflation is at 3.53 percent. So investors actually make a loss when they invest their money in the USA.

Even more astonishing: Even turbulent U.S. politics cannot shake investors. Calmly, they took note on Monday that Congress could not agree on an austerity program. As if nothing had happened, yields on US government bonds remained sensationally low.


Poor prospects for bremen’s young people: land of poor young people

Almost one in three young people in Bremen cannot find a training place. Youth counseling agency and training guarantee do not solve the problem so far.

Hard to get: Master craftsman’s diploma. You need an apprenticeship, but there aren’t many of them in Bremen. Photo: dpa

The fact that Bremen is in a training crisis was supposed to be one of the topics of today’s second Bremen Poverty Conference. But it was canceled at short notice because of a storm warning and the resulting accommodation of evacuated refugees in the conference building.