Forming a government in thuringia: the cdu’s pirouettes

The dilemma of the election defeat is wearing on the state party and its chairman, Mike Mohring. He makes contradictory statements.

Thuringia’s CDU leader Mike Mohring is too windy for the Greens Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

When the 21 members of the CDU state parliamentary group met for a closed meeting in Bad Blankenburg on Tuesday, they were able for the first time to discuss at length any kind of project-based cooperation with Thuringia’s left-wing minority government. What that might look like remains vague. But faction and party leader Mike Mohring had previously campaigned for postponing the election of the prime minister, which was planned for early February. Bodo Ramelow of the Left Party wants to run for re-election. However, he is four votes short of an absolute majority. The Greens accused the CDU and FDP of delaying tactics.