Tatort from nuremberg: reincarnation of a favorite

A new Tatort team: Paula Ringelhahn and Felix Voss are the two chief detectives. Irritations challenge the audience in the Franken-Tatort.

Tatort commissioners Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs) and Paula Ringelhahn (Dagmar Manzel) during interrogation. Image: BR/Olaf Tiedje

There he is again. Fabian Hinrichs. In 2012, he was Batics and Leitmayr’s assistant in Munich, Gisbert Engelhardt, in the "Tatort" film "The Deep Sleep," constantly serving up spiny ideas. The two commissioners didn’t like him, but the viewers liked him even more. His return was not possible, because Engelhardt had not survived the encounter with the perpetrator.


Prosecutor about anti-doping law: “a consistent silence”.

Sebastian Wubler is only allowed to investigate in case of concrete suspicion. Since January, only ten proceedings for self-doping are on his desk.

No suspicion without a test, no investigation without suspicion Photo: ap

site: Mr. Wubler, the new anti-doping law has been in force for a little over a year. Among other things, it makes self-doping a punishable offense and is intended to make athletes accountable for their actions. How satisfied are you with it so far?


Nobel prize winner on women in the lab: “if you criticize them, they howl”.

British cell researcher Tim Hunt wants to separate women and men in the lab. Because love distracts from work. And women are always whining.

A lab separated by gender? Great idea! The only question is, what will happen to those gays? Photo: sto.E /

Oh, our Nobel Prize winners! Clever, squealing piglets, and still with a winning joke on their lips. British cell researcher Tim Hunt, for example. After all, at the World Conference of Science Journalists, he gratefully accepted the offer to give a dinner speech. At a lunch organized by "powerful, role-model female scientists. And what do you say to influential role-model female scientists at lunch?


Solar pioneer leaves germany: solon closes down

Founded in Kreuzberg in 1996, the Berlin site must now close. 230 employees are fired, headquarters relocated.

230 of them lose their jobs: Solon employees in 2011. photo: reuters

And once again, there is one less solar company in Germany: The local solar pioneer Solon is closing its headquarters in Berlin and moving its headquarters to the United Arab Emirates. The company already manufactures the majority of its Solon brand solar modules there. 230 employees in Berlin are affected by the photovoltaic manufacturer’s withdrawal from Germany.


Press-strike column: a league of its own

A number of struggling Premier League clubs are negotiating the formation of a "Super League" – courtesy of a U.S. billionaire.

Symbolic of the state of his club: Chelsea FC’s Pedro Rodriguez (l.) loses out in a duel with Paris Saint Germain’s Maxwell. Photo: dpa

Five top English clubs are said to be in secret negotiations with U.S. billionaire Stephen M. Ross about whether to create a "Super League." This would leave both the English Premier League and the European Champions League behind economically.


Right-wing network “one percent”: the undisturbed craftsmen

The right-wing network gets involved everywhere. Now rural communities are to secure "cultural hegemony." The Office for the Protection of the Constitution knows nothing.

Hooking up for hate: Compact editor-in-chief Elsasser and "Ein Prozent" co-founder Kubitschek Photo: dpa

The village community is supposedly already full. Country doctors, architects, carpenters, teachers, restaurateurs and even beekeepers have been assembled, "Ein Prozent" informs its supporters. 15 families are ready to settle down as "country settlers". A "patriotic lighthouse" will be created in this way. "The patriotic space taking has started."


Government declaration in bremen: lots of words, lots of headwind

In addition to big plans and a loud opposition, Bremen’s new government also goes into the summer break with a committee of inquiry

Bremen’s mayor Carsten Sieling (SPD) during his one-hour government declaration. Photo: dpa

A week after his election as mayor, Carsten Sieling (SPD) delivered a government statement in Bremen yesterday (Wednesday) in the last session of the state parliament before the summer break. "This is not an alliance of business as usual," he said of the red-green coalition, "this is an alliance with clearly set political goals" – and he named many of them in his 60-minute speech.


After the manslaughter verdict: no peace for chemnitz

Despite thin evidence, the defendant is sentenced to nine and a half years in prison. Defense lawyers sharply criticize the Saxon justice system.

Banner against the right under the statue of Karl Marx Photo: imago images/Xinhua

At noon, Alaa S. makes one last attempt. He breaks his silence. "I can only hope that the truth will be brought to light here," the young Syrian says in his last words before the verdict. "I hope for a just verdict." He said he did not want to "have to be the second victim of the actual perpetrator." The first victim, that had been Daniel H.. The second victim, however, now threatened to become him.


Restaurant review series on the cap (6): domino at the end of the blood trail.

Everyone is fasting and giving up meat. Everyone? No. Many gastrojournalists are stubborn veggie refuseniks. But even that is coming to an end.

At some point, everyone gets it! Illustration: Larissa Hoff

Easter is finally here. Finally, because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to arrange to meet friends for a glass of wine or dinner in the run-up to Easter. They’re fasting right now, they tell me more and more often, and so they’d rather not meet until April.