Column better: the truth about flight mh17

Don’t believe Western propaganda lies! Listen to independent experts. Ask: cui bono? And you will find seven answers.

MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine: strange, strange. Image: reuters/montage: taz

What happened to flight MH17? Western politicians and media have only one explanation, which they pulled out of a hat immediately after the incident: downing by "pro-Russian separatists." Evidence? Not at all.

The pictures of the accident site alone make one skeptical. In the case of a missile hit, the wreckage would have to be scattered over many kilometers, as the renowned expert Huber confirms. But they are not. The alleged tape recording is also unconvincing. According to metadata, it is older than the incident. And there is the Spanish air traffic controller Carlos in Kiev, who declared that two Ukrainian fighter jets had flown next to MH17 – and whose Twitter account is now shut down.

And most importantly, cui bono? (Latin for: Who benefits?) Certainly not Putin or the "separatists." But who else?

1st Israel: At 2 p.m. Thursday, Israel’s major offensive began in the Gaza Strip. Exactly 15 minutes later, MH17 disappeared from radar. Pure coincidence? While the world looks at eastern Ukraine, Israel can wage war in eastern and western Gaza undisturbed. Also funny: on board MH17 were passengers from all over the world, but no Israelis. Were they forewarned? If so: by whom?

2. USA/CIA: So far, Europeans have been reluctant to go along with the insane U.S. war course. After so many dead Europeans, the tone is changing. The U.S. assault on the granary Ukraine must be prevented. No blood for potatoes!

3. USA/NSA: Edward Snowden enjoys asylum in Russia. Was the attack actually aimed at him? Was MH17 just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

4. financial capital: Two mysterious air incidents, twice a Boeing 777 of the same airline! This raises the question: Was MH17 in reality the "disappeared" flight MH370? Were the passengers already dead? Was the plane remotely piloted? That would explain the small scattering of wreckage. In any case, it is clear who benefits from the demise of Malaysia Airlines: Anglo-American finance capital.

5. Kiev: The profascist government has the weapons, the know-how, and a motive. Did profascist Ukrainian fighter jets shoot down MH17? Unlikely in any case that they would do such a thing without NATO’s knowledge.

6. homolobby: Six passengers of MH17 were going to an Aids conference. Now AIDS is a bad disease. But it affects only a minority. They will now use the incident to pour even more money into AIDS research. For the research of deadly illnesses of the majority (cancer, back!) however no money is there.

7. secret societies: MH 17 was a Boeing 777 – just like flight MH 370, which crashed on 7.3.2014 (GMZ) disappeared. On board were passengers from over 7 countries. The plane had its maiden flight on 17. 7. 97 – exactly 18 years before its end over Eastern Ukraine. And exactly one year after TWA 800, a Boeing 747which crashed into the Atlantic shortly after takeoff from New York, presumably "accidentally" shot down by U.S. missiles.

And there’s more: the attacks in London were carried out on . 7.7.2005, the attacks in New York on 9/11/2001 (checksum =1+1+9+2+0+1 = 14 = 7 to the power of 2). And the 71 in the semifinals! Does anyone believe in coincidence?

Especially since for secret societies the number 7 has always been important for secret societies: 7 Dwarfs, 7 things, 7 bridges, 7 wonders of the world, 7 deadly sins. The Illuminati Order was 1776; the World Zionist Congress met 1897. For the Freemasons the 7 is still above the 6, for the Bilderbergers the 7 comes before the 8. And finally: The G 7, are the "Big 8" – but without Russia!

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