Election campaign appearance by afd politician: nuremberg has no desire for gauland

AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland wanted to "dispose of" Aydan ozoguz (SPD) to Anatolia. That’s why the city of Nuremberg now wants to ban him from speaking.

Not amused? AfD top cadidate Alexander Gauland Photo: dpa

After the controversial remarks about the integration commissioner of the German government, Aydan ozoguz (SPD), the AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland is threatened with a ban on speaking in Nuremberg. The AfD local association has been asked in writing to assure by 12 noon on Tuesday that Gauland will not speak at a party event in the Meistersingerhalle on Saturday, said Second Mayor Christian Vogel (SPD) on Monday.

Should he nevertheless take the floor, the city would make use of its extraordinary right of termination. According to the rental statutes, this is possible if Nuremberg could be damaged as a city of peace and human rights, Vogel said. Gauland, AfD parliamentary group leader in the Brandenburg state parliament, had spoken of "disposing" of ozoguz in Anatolia at an election campaign event in Eichsfeld, Thuringia.

Nuremberg AfD leader Martin Sichert accused the city of preventing the planned election campaign event on "flimsy grounds" and thus "damaging democracy." Gauland himself, when asked whether he wanted to appear despite the impending ban, said, "That is for the district association to decide." Should the ban be justified with his statement on the integration commissioner of the federal government, then Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) would also not be allowed to appear there. Because Gabriel had also spoken of "disposing" of Merkel.

In 2012, Gabriel had declared in an election campaign speech that the SPD’s goal was not only to replace the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) together with the Greens, but "to dispose of it without leaving any residue."

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