World war ii commemoration in london: remembering soldiers from colonies

A separate ceremony in multicultural Brixton, south London, commemorates the African and Caribbean dead.

November 11, 2018 at the new war memorial in Brixton Photo by Daniel Zylbersztajn.

The ceremony begins with drums. Professor Gus John from Grenada does not mince words. "The soldiers from the Caribbean and Africa in the two world wars lived in territories occupied by Britain and had previously experienced slavery," he declaims. "Yet these people conspired to volunteer to fight for Britain."


Nsa surveillance: 90 more days of lacework

US President Obama wants to end the collection of telephone data by the NSA. A bill to that effect is being prepared, he said.

NSA powers will be restricted a bit. Picture: ap

US President Barack Obama wants to end the mass collection of phone data by the NSA intelligence agency, according to a newspaper report. As the New York Times reported on its website on Monday, Obama is preparing a bill according to which the National Security Agency (NSA) should only have access to certain data in exceptional cases.


World cup in qatar: handball players in the round of 16

Fourth game, third victory: The German handball players win against Argentina and convince above all with fighting spirit. Now it’s all about winning the group.

Often lacked the playful line: Patrick Groetzki in attack. Picture: reuters

After the hard fight, the first thing was to high-five with the fans: The DHB team has entered the round of 16 at the World Championship in Qatar undefeated. One matchday before the end of the preliminary round, the team of national coach Dagur Sigurdsson fought its way to a 28:23 (13:14) work victory against Argentina in Doha on Thursday.


Tv show queen of drags: shantay, you stay

Heidi Klum was pleasantly absent from her new Pro7 format. She seems to take the criticism from the LGBT community to heart.

In front Olivia Jones, in the background Heidi Klum. Good so photo: dpa

When the queer talent show "Queen of Drags" started on ProSieben on Thursday, Heidi Klum was pleasantly absent. After it was announced in the summer that Klum would have drag queens compete in a show, there was criticism of the personnel from the LGBT community. The tenor was mostly: It’s nice that after more than ten seasons of "RuPaul’s Drag Race" in the U.S. there’s finally a comparable format in Germany, but why with Heidi Klum of all people?


Water cannon in portrait: monster with 65-meter beam

The Wawe 10,000 is the German police’s most modern water cannon. Dozens from all over Germany are in action at the G20 summit.

A WaWe 10,000 in action in Hamburg Photo: dpa

Its predecessors have grown tired of age, have developed rust and simply can no longer perform what is required of them. No wonder, they have a quarter of a century of service under their belts. So a new model was commissioned, the Water Cannon 10,000 Cobra, nicknamed the WaWe 10,000.


Turkish offensive in northern syria: numerous hdp politicians arrested

The opposition HDP is the only faction in the country to condemn Turkey’s actions in northern Syria. But the government does not allow criticism.

HDP co-chair Sezai Temelli protests against the arrest of HDP politicians in Diyarbakır Photo: reuters

A few days after Turkish troops invaded northern Syria, whole bunches of police blocked the doors of offices of the opposition HDP party. Inside, deputies and their staff tried desperately to get out. This prevented MPs in several cities in southeastern Turkey from making critical statements to the press about the military operation in northern Syria. To this day, several HDP offices are cordoned off by the police.


Election campaign appearance by afd politician: nuremberg has no desire for gauland

AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland wanted to "dispose of" Aydan ozoguz (SPD) to Anatolia. That’s why the city of Nuremberg now wants to ban him from speaking.

Not amused? AfD top cadidate Alexander Gauland Photo: dpa

After the controversial remarks about the integration commissioner of the German government, Aydan ozoguz (SPD), the AfD top candidate Alexander Gauland is threatened with a ban on speaking in Nuremberg. The AfD local association has been asked in writing to assure by 12 noon on Tuesday that Gauland will not speak at a party event in the Meistersingerhalle on Saturday, said Second Mayor Christian Vogel (SPD) on Monday.


Trump and the coronavirus: fight for the antidote

The federal government is wrestling with the U.S. over the rights to develop a coronavirus vaccine from a pharmaceutical company in Tubingen, Germany.

Tests exist, but where is the vaccine? Corona test in China Photo: Xue Yuge/dpa

The search for a vaccine against the coronavirus is straining relations between Germany and the United States. The U.S. government wants to secure exclusively for the United States a promising vaccine candidate that the Tubingen-based pharmaceutical company CureVac is currently researching and may test on humans for the first time as early as this summer.


Death of kim jong un’s half-brother: malaysia summons ambassador

South Korea assumes that North Korea is behind Kim Jong Nam’s death. The investigation by the relevant authorities in Malaysia is still ongoing.

Must answer questions: North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol in Malaysia Photo: reuters

The mysterious death of the older half-brother of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is causing diplomatic tensions between Malaysia and North Korea. A week after the suspected poison attack on Kim Jong Nam in Kuala Lumpur airport, Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry on Monday summoned North Korea’s ambassador. The envoy, Kang Chol, was said to have suggested that the government in Kuala Lumpur had "something to hide" in the case and was colluding with outside forces, the ministry said. Malaysia also recalled its own ambassador from Pyongyang.