Forming a government in thuringia: the cdu’s pirouettes

The dilemma of the election defeat is wearing on the state party and its chairman, Mike Mohring. He makes contradictory statements.

Thuringia’s CDU leader Mike Mohring is too windy for the Greens Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa

When the 21 members of the CDU state parliamentary group met for a closed meeting in Bad Blankenburg on Tuesday, they were able for the first time to discuss at length any kind of project-based cooperation with Thuringia’s left-wing minority government. What that might look like remains vague. But faction and party leader Mike Mohring had previously campaigned for postponing the election of the prime minister, which was planned for early February. Bodo Ramelow of the Left Party wants to run for re-election. However, he is four votes short of an absolute majority. The Greens accused the CDU and FDP of delaying tactics.


Terror alarm is investigated: “direct influence”.

For CDU member of parliament Wilhelm Hinners, the committee of inquiry into the anti-terrorism weekend serves to clarify political responsibility.

Terror threat or election campaign show? The investigative committee wants to find out. Photo: dpa

site: Mr. Hinners, a parliamentary committee of inquiry initiated by the Left Party and the CDU – how could that happen?


Accusations against bremen nursing homes: homes as corona profiteers

Temporary employment agencies for nursing staff are losing business. Their accusation: facilities are undercutting the quotas suspended because of Corona.

The Corona pandemic is a huge challenge for the already overburdened nursing staff Photo: Peter Steffen/dpa

The Corona crisis is an additional challenge, especially for the nursing sector. In order to be able to guarantee the operation of hospitals and nursing homes, which are already plagued by staff shortages, even in these times, Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) suspended staffing floors and specialist quotas nationwide in March. Operators of nursing homes for the elderly are shamelessly taking advantage of this to cut costs – at least that’s what personnel service providers in Bremen claim.


Cold aid for the homeless in berlin: warming up under the disco ball

In the Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin, homeless people can stay during the day in sub-zero temperatures. But only a few take advantage of the offer.

Cold aid in the Festsaal Kreuzberg Photo: Christian Mang

The Festsaal Kreuzberg looks a bit like a disaster shelter. People sit scattered around the room, either individually or in small groups, as if they were waiting out a flood disaster or a bomb disposal. In between, helpers in yellow vests organize warm clothing. There is a smell of coffee and unwashed bodies. But unlike an unexpected tragedy, there is no sense of panic, because no one has a home to lose here. The Festsaal is still open until February 18 for homeless people escaping the bone-chilling cold, because it is not only at night that temperatures in Berlin are currently reaching rock-bottom levels.


Dutch national team: at the source of beautiful football

Despite or because of the clear success against Spain, the system debate has flared up again in the Netherlands: 5-3-2 or 4-3-3 again?

In the match against Spain, van Gaal’s strategy worked out perfectly. Picture: ap

Sitting on the sidelines, the offspring of Zico, also known as the white Pele, watch the Dutch players train with admiration. The eight-year-old youth players of Flamengo Rio de Janeiro, the club in Brazil that has always measured soccer by aesthetic standards.


“The latin american left has matured,” say tabare vazquez and danilo astori.

The upcoming Uruguayan president and his advisor on a left beyond Chavez and Castro

site: Mr. Vazquez, you have a good chance of winning the upcoming presidential elections in Uruguay. Left-wing candidates have also recently been successful in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela. Can we speak of a renaissance of the left in Latin America?

Tabare Vazquez: Yes. This is a reaction of societies to the great injustice in distribution. Increasingly large sections of societies are impoverished and excluded. Latin America is today the world region with the greatest social imbalances and worst distribution of wealth anywhere. This situation gives rise to the possibility – in the case of Uruguay, for the first time in its history – of leftist forces coming to power.


Power column: racist, hypocritical, palmer

Once again, Green Party politician Boris Palmer makes racist comments. Our author is offended by this. That’s why she won’t stay silent this time.

Boris Palmer (Bundnis 90/Die Grunen), mayor of Tubingen and janitor on Facebook Photo: dpa

I have rarely participated in the regular Boris Palmer festivals. The Lord Mayor of Tubingen’s quest for attention seems too childish. Actually, one should not do him the favor of serving that. But this time he’s won, at least as far as I’m concerned. I’m too angry – no, that’s not true: too hurt to remain silent.