Press-strike column: the cup needs new laws

This cup weekend also shows: The Bayern focus in soccer must stop. Two proposals for reforming the DFB Cup.

Should come up with something: Bayern coach Kovac and DFB President Grindel Photo: reuters

The DFB Cup, first main round, is this: 32 games in four days, and everyone is watching Bayern. HSV won high? Doesn’t matter, Bayern was close. Dresden flies out against a regional league team? Interesting, but Bayern was ultimately more interesting with its one goal in the 81st minute.

In the German sporting public, there is no media supremacy of soccer at all. There is one of FC Bayern and the few clubs that are proclaimed "Bayern chasers"; so here, too, the reporting is only about the all-dominant FC Bayern AG.

The elimination of Eintracht Frankfurt or VfB Stuttgart from the current cup competition can only weakly compensate for the fact that people are really only interested in Bayern: What is the new coach doing, how are the new purchases working, what are the old ones doing, aren’t they too old? Bayern shapes our view of soccer, of the league, of the cup, of the European competitions.

Now you could say: Then let’s just leave Bayern out of it. The DFB Cup would then be that: a competition with six match days, and only at the end, for the final, would FC Bayern Munich join in.

Advantage: You are forced to pay attention to the other clubs. Disadvantages: The Bavarians take it easy on themselves; the Bavarians don’t keep the coffers of clubs like SV Drochtersen/Assel full; and, most seriously, the perception of the cup through the red-and-white Munich glasses wouldn’t change one bit. "Nice game, but they wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Bavarians" – such match assessments did not and do not stop.

Legislator called upon

Another possibility would be: Only the Bavarians play, their respective opponent is drawn for them, and that’s exactly where they have to travel to, regardless of which league their opponent plays in.

Advantages: Everyone can hope for the draw; Bayern’s sporting dominance would perhaps suffer as a result of the extra workload. Disadvantages: Then, after all, everyone talks about Bayern even more; and if FC Bayern should ever be eliminated, which has already happened once, the entire model collapses – who wants to see Frankfurt or Wolfsburg travel through the Republic?

We see: The project to give the DFB Cup its own new laws that will make the competition more open again is proving difficult. It’s up to the legislators.

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